HBIGDA, Gent, 2003:
When “shrinks” are frightened by transsexuals...
Text shown on a “poster” (among others) at the 18th symposium of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, 10-13 september 2003.
French version: Quand les “psys” sont effrayés par les transsexuels...

Download english version: hbigda2003uk.pdf, (49 ko).
Download french version: hbigda2003fr.pdf, (48 ko).

Press For Change, Oxford, 1998:
Medical and legal malfunctions surrounding the transsexual question in France.
Text showed at the third international congress on “Sex and gender”, TrAnsGENDER AGENDA, Exeter College, Oxford University, september 1998. On the PFC website.
French version: Disfonctionnements médicaux et juridiques autour de la question transsexuelle en France.

Download english version: oxford1998uk.pdf, (44 ko).
Download french version: oxford1998fr.pdf, (45 ko).

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